The Vocal Project




The Vocal Project developed in response to an invitation to create new writing and performance for the publication 'PaperWork Issue 3: iilwimi lipsing' and the subsequent performance event at Peer London.

PaperWork Issue 3: iilwimi lipsing


Ntiense Eno Amooquaye 
Alison Ballance 
Uma Breakdown 
DJ Lynnée Denise 
Darkie Fiction 
Carl Gent 
Harry Josephine Giles 
Halima Haruna 
Monika Kalinauskaite 
Johanna Maj Schmidt 
Taylor Le Melle 
Anna Sadlon 
Himali Singh Soin 
Daniella Valz Gen 
Frank Wasser

iilwimi lipsing is about a politics of not-translating and listening with a feminist ear which can also be an eye, skin or fist.

PaperWork is a sometimes-annual art writing magazine and event series organised and edited by Jessa Mockridge and Catherine Smiles.