African Bird Dynasty

African Bird Dynasty at White Columns, New York, (2022) is the first exhibition in the United States by Ntiense Eno-Amooquaye.

In October 2021 White Columns’ director Matthew Higgs encountered Eno-Amooquaye’s exhibition Art Deco Zebra Crossing at Flat Time House, an independent exhibition space and archive located in the former South London home of the persistently influential British artist John Latham (1921—2006.)


Eno-Amooquaye’s exhibition at White Columns expands upon Art Deco Zebra Crossing. The central elements from the Flat Time House exhibition – including a video of Eno-Amooquaye performing her poem Art Deco Zebra Crossing, a series of six paintings on paper collectively titled the Language of Rights that reflect upon the urgency of recent and historical civil rights movements, a decorated velvet dressing screen, the dress that Eno-Amooquaye created specifically for the reading of her poem, and silk wall hangings – reappear at White Columns.


African Bird Dynasty, is a group of four new large-scale wall hangings made for White Columns that combine Shibori tie dyeing and hand screen printing. (Each of the new wall-hangings will function as a backdrop to a scene to be performed by Eno-Amooquaye as part of a new film project that is currently in development.)

For more information visit the White Columns website.

Image credit:
Ntiense Eno-Amooquaye, installation views, 2022
Photographs by Marc Tatti courtesy of White Columns